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Install problem: APC Smart-UPS 1500, USB, Powerchute Business edition, and Windows Server 2008 R2 x64

UPS: APC Smart-UPS 1500VA (SUA1500I)
Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64)
Software: APC Powerchute Business Edition 9.01
Connectition type: USB

So after installing all the Powerchute software on the server the software would not pick up the UPS. All I got was “Device Communications: Not Established” even though it showed up in device manager.

When I installed the software I didn’t plug in the USB cable until it told me it was going to search for the UPS.

What I did to fix this:

  1. I uninstalled any Powerchute software (agent, server, and console)
  2. I went in to device manager and uninstalled the UPS also from under “Human Interface Devices” - I left the UPS plugged in, I did not unplug the USB cable
  3. I reinstalled the Powerchute software and this time it just picked it up straight away

I hope that helps some one as Googling didn’t help me!

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How to change your display name in iChat

I use iChat on my Mac to talk with people over Google Chat. I’ve just spent a while looking all over changing my name with no luck of it actually changing in iChat (but it did when using Chat via the Google web site for example). Eventually I found it though :)

Open the Address Book app on your Mac, go to the ‘Card’ menu, and then choose ‘Go to My Card’. Change it there and reopen iChat.


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So I’ve got myself on to Google’s new attempt at their own social networking site. I like it, I think. It needs a lot of polishing off yet before it is ready though. It definitely has potential as the Google developers seem to be happily out in public on it feeding back and hopefully listening to the public.

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IE9 ‘shocker’

IE9I’ve just installed IE9 on my Windows 7 virtual machine to do some testing and I can not believe how hard it was to add Google as a search provider! Discusting.

Basically if you search providers and from your IP it gets that you are in the UK, Google isn’t listed. You have to go and change your location to the US (English) before it (and a lot of others) show up.

Bloody joke!!

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